Robin Hemley Dotcom

Extreme Fiction: Fabulists and Formalists

Co-written with Michael Martone

This anthology of short fiction from around the world offers a collection of "non-traditional" stories from renowned as well as less familiar writers of the past 100 years. This survey of thought-provoking and noteworthy "non-realistic" and "non-narrative" short fiction will expand and enrich the scope of any short story or fiction-writing course. Students will think about literature and fiction writing in a new light while being exposed to a wide range of gender, ethnic, and stylistic diversity. The Introduction offers students historical and cultural perspectives on the "non-traditional" short story. In addition, author bios provide further insight into the aesthetic and craft choices that the authors featured in this text employ in their stories.


"Extreme Fiction fills a real void...I like the diversity of voices and the gender balance. It is a smart book that is highly readable." — Natalia Rachel Singer, St. Lawrence University.